NITOFRESH AV Mouth Ulcer Chewable Tablet

Composition: Malabar catmint(Anisomeles malabarica)*Bk.200 mg + Sugar(Saccharum officinarum)*St 180 mg+ Chameli(Jasminum grandiflorum)*Lf.100 mg+ Katha(Acacia catechu)*Ht.Wd.50 mg+ Harad(Terminalia chebula)* Fr.50 mg+ Baheda(Terminalia bellirica)* Fr.50 mg+ Awala(Phyllanthus emblica)* Fr.50 mg + Rasount( Berberis aristata)*St.50 mg

Indication: Useful to treat fever caused by arising from teeth, Highly active on oral pathogens & treat dental caries, gingivitis, mouth sores & endodontics to eradicate E. faecalis ...possibly causes root canal failure, Prevents the accumulation of acids on the sur

Packing: 10x1x10

Pack Type: Tab

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