A sneak-peak into the world of medicines with Intralife

INTRALIFE brings you a small sneak-peak of the products developed by our manufacturers at pcd pharma in India. Intrapam F200 is one of the best brands from pcd pharma companies healthcare medicine by Intralife that has been a wide choice amidst doctors all over the country for their patients. Intrapam F200 is an anti-bacterial that has been proven to be highly efficient for the treatment of various infections like chronic bronchitis, urinary or genital infections, pneumonia as well as skin infections.

Another product from IntraLife that has been widely accepted by travellers who experience diarrhea while travelling on a frequent basis is the Maxorif. These tablets act on the cause of the ailment without affecting the healthy biodome of the stomach. This healthcare medicine by Intralife is available in three dosage forms of 200, 400 and 500 mg tablets. It is suited for any age as recommended by your physician.

Apart from these, other leading products by our pcd pharma franchise are UDBEST-A, INTRAPRO-90 and CUTI-GOLD tabs. The UDBEST-A helps treat liver diseases while the INTRAPRO-90 helps deal with related brain disorders. The CUTI-GOLD tablet is a special skin-whitening formula which helps brighten the skin without any associated side effects.

For more in-depth information about the products go through the videos linked below.