Intralife Quality Assurance

At INTRALIFE, we approach quality with the utmost dedication and seriousness it deserves. We recognize the pivotal significance that pharmaceutical products hold in safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of patients. Thus, it remains our topmost priority to ensure that the medicines consumed by individuals are of the highest possible quality. As a company driven by a strong focus on process and quality, we remain committed to continuously upholding and enhancing the standards of excellence in our product offerings.

To guarantee the highest standards of quality, we rely on our comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical products, which are certified by internationally acclaimed organizations such as WHO-GMP (World Health Organization - Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). These certifications exemplify our unwavering dedication to manufacturing medicines that meet globally recognized quality benchmarks. With these certifications, we offer our valued customers and stakeholders the reassurance that our products undergo meticulous manufacturing and distribution processes, adhering to the most stringent quality and reliability standards in the industry

In pursuit of our objective to attain zero defects, we have instituted rigorous quality control measures throughout all facets of our operations. Our diligent quality assurance teams labor diligently to enforce these measures, undertaking comprehensive inspections and tests to promptly identify and rectify any potential issues that may arise.

We have garnered esteemed recognition from industry bodies, affirming our dedication to quality. Our notable achievements include receiving prestigious accolades such as the "Most Promising Brand & Quality Award," "Most Innovative Dermatology Company of the Year 2017," and "Fastest Growing Pharmaceutical Company 2016," among other notable honors. These commendations serve as a source of inspiration, fueling our unwavering commitment to upholding exceptional quality standards and surpassing expectations within the pharmaceutical industry.

At INTRALIFE, we strive to continually improve and exceed expectations, ensuring that patients receive safe and effective pharmaceutical products that enhance their well-being.