Our Profile

Our Profile - Who We Are?

INTRA LIFE has 43 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and since 2011 it has been the leading pharmaceutical company, distributor, and manufacturer in India. INTRA LIFE has been developing medicines and innovating for different solutions that showcase in our portfolio worth more than 2000 formulations. Over the years, we have manufactured pharmaceutical solutions for many health issues. Today we are well-known, experienced, and specialized in the manufacturing of many therapeutic solutions. These solutions can help individuals improve their lives in many ways. From fighting infections to relief from asthma symptoms, helping control cholesterol, and addressing infertility problems.

In addition, these therapeutic solutions can also help in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, provide lifesaving injectable medicines, pain management solutions, and treatment of many other symptomatic conditions. We have an excellent team of specialists and well-experienced pharmacists that work on different products and focus on innovation to bring effective solutions. Moreover, we have a range of innovative medical products currently in the pipeline at difficult departmental stages. Our experts are actively and strategically working on these products with research and investigating their uses.

Our History

We have a strong and wide history in the pharmaceutical industry with 43 years of experience. Our reputation, innovation, products, development, and distribution of medicines for different health issues are known in the industry. INTRA LIFE takes pride in high standards and stringent quality along with our expert innovations. Our team produces pharmaceutical products that incorporate a strong value and impact on the healthcare system. We have been committed to customers through our vast portfolio for years.


Established INTRA LIFE in the pharmaceutical industry with the aim and vision of providing value and creating an impact in patients' lives and the health care system.


INTRA LIFE designed and restructured itself to cater to the demand and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. We appointed a new head in our Bangalore office.


We became the first company to offer Inhalers & Life-Caps on a franchise basis. We also launched the Derma PCD company, Cutis Derma Care, which is an exclusive skincare division with a portfolio of more than 100 products.


We established a second marketing and distribution center/point in Ghaziabad. INTRA LIFE launched Doxis Laboratories, a psychiatric division with a portfolio of more than 150 products.


Launched our new division INTRA V CARE, an infusion division. We established our third marketing and distribution center/point in Kolkata.


INTRA LIFE set up a formidable warehouse with top facilities in Bangalore. Launched many therapeutic solutions such as Zoyalife Plus, Intrapro-90, Udbest-A, etc., at affordable rates.


Launched a business conference mission "Life-Seek" where our channel partners meet from different countries to plan, discuss, and take INTRA LIFE's vision to the next level. Launched "Samarpan Foundation" as their corporate social responsibility with the mission to help poor and disabled children as well as handle other issues that affect society.


"INTRA GyanKutir", a gyankutircenter is launched for offering advanced and high-standard training in pharma marketing and help to enhance performance and sales. Launch of Life-Seek-2 in Thailand, another business conference mission. The conference was one of its kind with an impact on everyone's mind in the INTRA LIFE family.


Launch of Respules and INTRA Veggie Life with a portfolio of more than 50 products.


INTRA LIFE was part of the JITO Grand Summit in Bangalore as a co-sponsor on 28th and 29th May. Organized Maha Mega business event at GOA for franchise partners from 11th to 14th November.


INTRA LIFE was part of the JITO Grand Summit in Bangalore as a co-sponsor on 28th and 29th May. Organized Maha Mega business event at GOA for franchise partners from 11th to 14th November.


The dashing and known personality AnupSoni visited the INTRA LIFE experience center and shared his views. INTRA LIFE launched an exclusive experience center inaugurated by sandalwood actor Shivraj Kumar on 21st April


Intra Life organized the Maha Mega Event at Cordelia Cruise, featuring celebrities such as Sunny Leone, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Sofia Ansari, Sukriti & Prakriti Kakar, Anjali Arora, Megha Prasad, Sneha Gupta and many more


INTRA LIFE aims to incorporate value in the pharmaceutical industry and help patients improve and come out of illness to enjoy life moments


We aim to become top 5 pharmaceutical giants in India by 2025. We at INTRA LIFE working step by step to achieve our goals.


We believe in care, We believe in commitment, We believe in the value of Life.


We have relentlessly and strategically focused on acquiring the top talents, expertise, and technology in our team for high-standard research and development to drive more innovation in our products. We regularly and consistently focus on investing in the latest and upgraded technological equipment that enhances the quality of our research and development. With the integration of technology and the collaboration of talented experts, we at INTRA LIFE have developed and are developing a vast product portfolio.


Quality is our first and foremost priority at INTRA LIFE, right from investing in technology to delivering our products, we have high standards and strict quality control. Our approach "Quality-by-design" incorporates consistency in our process that brings excellence and results. We at INTRA LIFE take pride in offering a top level of quality as it's our priority at every step. Our medicines are researched, manufactured, and distributed with the utmost care and precautions.

Why Choose INTRA LIFE?

Our vast portfolio and priorities which are Quality and innovation make us the top partner for medicines. We are passionately devoted and committed to catering to the needs of our channel partners for their medical requirements.

How Does INTRA LIFE Work?

We understand the responsibility and seriousness of our field, INTRA LIFE provides high-volume pharmaceutical products to different healthcare partners, so we understand our business approach and process should be top-notch, that’s what we do. Right from research and development, acquiring new talents, technology in the field, manufacturing, and distribution, we at INTRA LIFE work with utmost precautions, care, and dedication.
Our process starts with research and development of new innovations, manufacturing, and distribution through different channels to reach you. We have a primary distribution channel located in Bangalore, our distribution process and supply chain incorporates world-class logistics including well-equipped warehouses and expertise to handle the distribution process. Our supply chain is strong and consistent to support the streamlined distribution of products from our vast portfolio. In addition, our dispatch points are located in Kolkata and Ghaziabad to create a distribution network and flow in the north and northeast areas.

Leading Healthcare Partner

INTRA LIFE is the leading pharmaceutical partner of many top-class hospitals, we are providing pharma products to the INDIAN ARMY, APOLLO Group of Hospitals, many renowned private and government hospitals, and healthcare specialists via our distribution channels across the country. INTRA LIFE works relentlessly through our channels to build a leading position at places where medical or pharmaceutical demands are yet to be fulfilled and enhance product quality, presentation, and reach. Over the years of innovations, manufacturing, product distribution, and more, we are providing pharmaceutical excellence at different stages of the industry.


Since the 1980s with 43 years of experience, we have been innovating and developing pharmaceutical products that depict our strong portfolio. With our vast portfolio of more than 2000 formulations and a vast range of products in the pipeline, we offer high-volume and niche pharmaceutical products. Our team consistently works on innovating new pharmaceutical products addition to our portfolio range.


INTRA LIFE believes in providing medicines accessible and affordable to everyone, that's what we work on. We as a team, as the INTRA LIFE family work on research, development, and distribution of medicines in the most feasible and accessible way for everyone. We partner with businesses and give our franchises with the aim to reach more and more people with high-quality pharmaceutical products available to people at affordable rates. We are passionately dedicated to getting on board the latest technology, and best talent to enhance the future of healthcare with a vision to provide lending pharmaceutical solutions.


INTRA LIFE believes in an ethical and right approach throughout our process. Whether it's research and development, manufacturing, or distribution, we believe in accuracy and ethical standards. We follow good business ethics and use a high level of ethical approach with people we are dealing with.

Powerful and Strong Partnerships

We believe in long-term relationships, transparency, and accuracy with our franchise or channel partners. INTRA LIFE commits to providing quality products as well as high accuracy in every other aspect to grow with partners. We are one of the leading pharmaceutical companies due to our powerful and strong partnerships.