Composition: Calcium Pantothenate 100mg + Nettle Leaf Extract 50mg + Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) 50mg + Zinc Oxide eqv. to Elemental Zinc 25mg + Saw Palmetto Extract 100mg + L-lysine 10mg + Biotin 10mg + Manganese chloride eqv. to Elemental Maganese 5mg + Inositol 5mg + Copper Gluconate eqv. to Elemental Copper 2mg + Folic Acid 750mcg + Sodium Selenate eqv. to Elemental Selenium 65mcg
Indication: Skin and Hair Growth, Hypophosphatemia, Hypocalcaemia, Copper Deficiency
Packing: 3x10
Pack Type: Tab